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Award Winning Workouts – the Fitness That the Stars Are Wearing This Year

Award Winning Workouts – The Fitness that the Stars are Wearing This Year

Disclaimer:  Please check with your medical professional before making any changes to your diet or workout/exercise routine.

The Oscar for the fittest female/male actor goes to…

Illuminated on the red carpet every year looking amazing in their Dolce & Gabana or Versace, are the stars. It’s not just the fashion we observe, but often we see muscle tone, perfect posture and great physiques that movie stars work and train hard for.

What’s their secret? How can mere mortals like you and I benefit and use that for long term fitness success?

We can probably find some part of their workout that we can safely adapt to our own.

Exercise is essential to everyone!

For the record, I don’t endorse any specific celebrity workout. In fact, it can be difficult to duplicate a celebrity workout simply because they are customized for that person. Also, every celebrity has at least one, if not several trainers. They also have stylists, chefs, and wellness experts that help them to look their best. You and I might not be able to do it all, but we can probably find some part of their workout that we can safely adapt to our own.  These workouts are presented because they are great workouts for accomplishing what the stars need and I like these actors.

Hollywood actors can gain muscle, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight again etc. just to fit the role they are playing. It is not recommended to change your body so quickly without medical supervision.

Salma Hayek

Salma HayekThere are few people in the world today that are a lovely as Salma Hayek. Not only is she beautiful, but she always seems to be a genuinely nice person. She usually dresses simply and understated, allowing her smile and her body to be the focus of attention.

There are few people in the world today that are a lovely as Salma Hayek. Not only is she beautiful, but she always seems to be a genuinely nice person. She usually dresses simply and understated, allowing her smile and her body to be the focus of attention.

According to an article in SHAPE, Ms. Hayek’s workout is simple and effective. Push-ups, jump squats, and planks are the basis, keeping her overall body lean. For her arms, a problem area for many women, she does tricep dips. She also does total body sit-ups that really work her core.

Her cardio is kickboxing, dancing, and ball workouts. Everything is designed to be fun, quick, and easy. The 49-year old actress has an amazing body (note: she’s only 5’2”) by focusing on her core. Most of her exercises, including the plank and the sit ups, require no equipment and are easily done at home or on the road. No gym required. Continue reading

Your personal healthy lifestyle inventory 2016

Your Personal Healthy Lifestyle Inventory – 2016 and Beyond

Your personal healthy lifestyle inventory 2016 download

Each and every day is an opportunity for self-improvement.

Doing a personal inventory of our healthy lifestyle can be vital. Each year, or even more often, everyone should put together a list of what has worked and what hasn’t in their quest for optimal fitness and health.

Here are ten reasons why you need to do a personal healthy lifestyle inventory regularly:

  1. You will know what worked for you – You will be able to look at your list and see where your best successes were.
  2. You’ll know what didn’t work for you – Knowing what isn’t great is as important as knowing what is.
  3. You can figure out what you really enjoyed – You will be able to see exactly which activities you really enjoyed. (The more you like, the more you will do it.)
  4. You’ll know what you loathed – Knowing what you really disliked doing will save you from doing it again.
  5. You can figure out what was unsafe – You can figure out what you did that was uncomfortable or caused pain. Remembering what hurt you can prevent injuries in the future.
  6. You can match up things that you like – You might like smoothies and spin classes. Those are the things that you can focus on in the future.
  7. You can plan more fun in your fitness – A list of your favorite things can help turn fitness into fun.
  8. You can set goals based on what works – Great goals are key to success. By using what works and what we like, we can get to our goals much faster.
  9. Your goals may include travel and you can start planning – If you decide that long hikes on New Zealand’s mountains are in order, you can start planning your trip now.
  10. You can plan ahead to succeed – Setting achievable goals that involve pleasant activities can virtually guarantee our success.

Use Michele the Trainer’s Healthy Lifestyle Personal Inventory to move forward for your future. The tables contain your information that is unique to you! Use the Smart Goals and Dreams tables to know where you want to work towards in 2016.

Fill out your Michele the Trainer’s Personal Healthy Lifestyle Inventory today and get your goals set.

Download Michele the Trainers Healthy Lifestyle Personal Inventory PDF

Michele the trainer

Michele the Trainer is your Mobile Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer – Voted best L.A. Trainer 2013/2014/2015/2016

Michele the Trainer is your Wellness Expert, Motivational and Wellness Speaker, Published Author, Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, voted Best Fitness Trainer Los Angeles Daily News 2013/2014. Michele’s success losing 165 pounds holistically and keeping it off since 1998 is very inspirational. Click here for fun free stuff and information from Michele the Trainer





Here is Michele’s Amazon.com author page where you can find her book, Sexy Salads:

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summer blues

How to Get Rid of Post Summertime Blues

summer bluesI love summer! Inhaling the scent of suntan lotion, while feeling the warmth of the sun shining on me and listening to the Beach Boys, my toes in the sand. If you love summer, you know what a bummer it is when it ends. Oh, the heat, the fruit and the beach, ah!

When the cool air of fall starts creeping in, we have to change modes quickly. If we were working out in water, at an outdoor or seasonally heated pool for example, we may have to change that up.

How can we extend our summer fun feelings and prevent the post-summertime blues? Continue reading

Summer Diet and Exercise Tips

1. Take more walks

With warmer days, morning and evening bring nice opportunities to walk outside more.  Don’t forget to bring along some water

2. Try Aquatic Fitness!

Find your local indoor or outdoor pools.  Change it up and workout in the pool! Remember you still have to hydrate even in an inside pool.  Outside pools of course require hats and sunscreen.

Related: 7 Reasons You Need Aquatic Fitness 

3. Hello Hydration!

Your body loses water when you sweat!  Summer makes us sweat more, so to prevent dehydration, which can cause cramping, we have to be more mindful of hydration. Continue reading

Fitness Over 40 – Be Real


Fitness Over 40 – Be Real

By Michele the Trainer

Let’s start at the very beginning.

Michele the Trainer’s 3Ms are:

  • Motivation
  • Movement
  • Mindset

Those 3 are all about the mindset of all 3. Staying motivated, keeping yourself moving and making good decisions by maintaining a healthy mindset. Easier said than done when we live in a world where we are surrounded by advertising.

For tips, Michele the Trainer’s First Five Tips are: Continue reading

Harvesting Honey Can Be Harm-Free for the Honeybee

Bee collecting pollen on flowers


We need to protect bees.

Bees need a Public Relations Department for several reasons:

  • Bees sting.
  • Bees are tiny.
  • Bees don’t have a fan club because they sting.
  • People kill bees because they sting.
  • People kill and remove bee hives. (It’s amazing to me that people still have hives removed, poisoned and killed today, when bees can be removed and relocated.)
  • Bees are bugs and people don’t like bugs.

Continue reading

Easy Healthy Recipe for Kids

kids eating healthy fresh fruit diet concept

Your food is boring!  As we get bogged down with life and bills and our responsibilities we forget that kids are new to almost everything and it’s our job to introduce healthy foods in a fun and exciting way.

Here is my no bake acronym recipe for you:

PLAY with your food!


Play with your food!  If it’s not fun, kids won’t like it.

Put some olives or raspberries on your fingertips and teach them how to do the same. Continue reading

Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Gym Hygiene

Grumpy facial expression Exotic tortoiseshell cat

Let’s pretend we gave Grumpy Cat a gym membership.

Grumpy Cat doesn’t want to go to the gym, doesn’t care if you go to the gym, and doesn’t enjoy being at the gym. Grumpy Cat would rather sleep all day in a sunny window. But you spent the money and now you’ve committed Grumpy Cat to show up at the local gym. He will go, but he will be Grumpy and let me tell you why. Continue reading

How to Make Michele the Trainer’s Fat Free Fusion Balsamic Vinaigrette

Vegetable salad

Love creamy salad dressing?  Are you trying to lose weight? If so I recommend low fat and only recommend good fats from whole foods.  Here is a way to make a delicious rich creamy salad dressing with no fat. If you want quality fats, add some organic avocado or organic olives into your salad!

I created this recipe because I had some excellent organic white mushrooms and organic baby carrots that were begging for an Italian salad dressing but I didn’t want oil.  If you want to indulge, I have an excellent Creamy Italian Salad Dressing recipe that boasts a top quality olive oil, but normally I avoid oils.  This new recipe was perfect.  My salad had the mushrooms, carrots, chopped romaine hearts, Persian cucumbers, and organic green olives, but you can add tomatoes or any other great salad veggie too. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Avoid Red Meat


Red meat

4 reasons to avoid red meat. Image by KEKO64


I was a teenager in biology class when I first learned of parasites. Looking at meat through a microscope for the first time was the only reason I ever needed to become vegetarian. I remember that day clearly and that was it for me. I was too young to stay successfully veg, however, but I did avoid red meat until I was eventually able to learn enough to become a vegan.

All mammals have parasites, but it’s good to avoid picking up more of these hitchhiking beasts, while avoiding unnecessary and potentially dangerous parasites that live in other animals, such as Trichinosis.


Date of Death:

I also could never understand why meat never had a “date of death” on the package. For example, if we went fishing together and we cleaned and froze those fish, we would be certain to mark the date on those packages when we put them into your freezer. Yet when we buy meat or fish in the market, we have no idea how long the animal has been dead. Continue reading