My City Scoop Videos

Our amazing new series – My City Scoop –  takes a look at the health and fitness issues of different cities and towns all over the world. The presenters and narrators are residents of these cities; who else can tell a better story than those living the experience?

The Madrid Scoop

Episode 3- Madrid Lifestyle

This is the final episode and it takes a look at the lifestyle of the residents of Madrid. You will find great tips about where to get your fresh healthy food when you visit Madrid and where to go to find peace when you get tired of all the craziness of the big city.

Episode 2 – Mediterranean Diet

Episode 2 takes a look at the Meditarranean diet which is renowned for it’s health benefits. Some argue that it is the healthiest diet in the world.

Episode 1 – I Like to Move it

Episode 1 takes a look at the progress the city has made towards a healthier lifestyle for it’s residents.

Aleha Mora

Aleha Mora is a Spanish beauty with a Media Degree and  a Master of Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Aleha Mora is a Spanish gamer and footballer. She is from Madrid and holds a degree in media and digital marketing.

Checkout her blog here and follow her on twitter.


3 thoughts on “My City Scoop Videos

    • Hi! there’s a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. I recommend you this, like a top five:
      – Botanique (Santa Isabel Street No5)
      – La Oveja Negra (Buenavista Street No42)
      – Rayen Vegano (Lope de Vega Street No7)
      – Vega (Luna Street No9)
      – Punto Vegano (Luisa Fernanda Street No27)

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