Summer Diet and Exercise Tips

1. Take more walks

With warmer days, morning and evening bring nice opportunities to walk outside more.  Don’t forget to bring along some water

2. Try Aquatic Fitness!

Find your local indoor or outdoor pools.  Change it up and workout in the pool! Remember you still have to hydrate even in an inside pool.  Outside pools of course require hats and sunscreen.

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3. Hello Hydration!

Your body loses water when you sweat!  Summer makes us sweat more, so to prevent dehydration, which can cause cramping, we have to be more mindful of hydration.

4. Missing Minerals

You also lose minerals called electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium.  Your body eliminates approximately 10 cups of water daily even without exercise.  Dehydration occurs when you eliminate more water and minerals than you replace.

The Aquatic Exercise Association States,

“Aquatic fitness participants and professionals must maintain proper hydration even though the loss of fluids through sweating is not as obvious when training in the water.  Drink water before, during and after all training sessions.  Increase fluid intake when the water and air temperatures are above recommendations, when the workout is extremely intense, if you consume caffeine or other diuretics and if you are pregnant.”

Loss of minerals and sweat is much more apparent during land workouts, but participants of either/both should be mindful of staying properly hydrated, especially in summer.

5439855934_7748512ccd_b5. Where is your Bicycle?

Dust off your bicycle.  Especially if you live near the coast, summer is excellent weather to use your bicycle or rent a bicycle and get outside!  You can rent a surrey and just have some fun.  If you don’t know how to ride, summer is the time to learn.

6. Relaxing!

Relaxing is important for reducing stress.  Summer is a great time to get in the hammock and just relax.  Relaxing is important for your health too!

2762012790_e3bdc0c5d7_b7. Make a Sexy Salad!

No more boring salads.  Summer brings salad opportunities for picnics, potlucks, and health. Summer brings colorful and bountiful produce and warmer weather lends itself to eating cooler foods as main dishes.  Raw organic vegetables are high in nutrients. Good fat avocados are often abundant in summer too. I wrote my book Sexy Salads because I was tired of boring salads.  Step it up this summer; your salad doesn’t have to be boring, it can be a kaleidoscope of colors, look amazing, and taste delicious!


Michele the trainer

Michele the Trainer is your Mobile Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer – Voted best L.A. trainer 2013

Michele the Trainer is your Wellness Expert, Motivational and Wellness Speaker, Published Author, Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, voted Best Fitness Trainer Los Angeles Daily News 2013/2014/2015 . Michele’s success losing 165 pounds holistically and keeping it off since 1998 is very inspirational. Click here for fun free stuff and information from Michele the Trainer

Here is Michele’s author page where you can find her book, Sexy Salads


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17 thoughts on “Summer Diet and Exercise Tips

  1. Great article and tips. In Arizona as it gets warmer… on to 115 degrees… it get harder to get outside. Hope we can stay motivated for. The summer. Thx again. -mike

  2. I can vouch for the aquatic fitness tip. Water walking and jogging helped me to lose a lot of weight and it was much easier on my joints than pounding away on a track or treadmill. Just remember to get some surf shoes or aquatic shoes to that you don’t tear up your feet.

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