The Miss-Education of a Young Lady’s Body


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I am a beautiful girl and I am precious. Image by stockimages

I was fifteen years old when it happened and had no idea what was wrong with me. I had just woken up and went to the restroom and not to a surprise, noticed my body had began “beautifying” is what I call it when I begin my menstrual cycle. In that moment I had decided to just jump in the shower and start off my day. I remember it vividly; coming out the shower, wrapping the towel around me and walking back to my room. I was standing in front of my mirror when in a second my vision began to turn black starting with my peripheral then everything turned black. I got so scared knowing I couldn’t see anything with my eyes open that I closed them, held on to the mirror and took a seat on the floor. I was alone at home and all I could say out loud was, “Oh my god, I going blind, I’m going blind, help me god, help me god!.” For the longest 30 seconds of my life I didn’t understand what was happening to my body but I already began feeling cramps in my abdomen prior to losing my sight. I gained my vision back after taking a few deep breaths while on the floor and once I did, I quickly stood up got dressed and laid down on my bed. My parents came home shortly after that and by that point I was curled up in a ball, crying my eyes out holding my stomach. At that time I wasn’t sexually active and led what I believed to be a healthy life style. I was an athlete in school and a busy body even at home. One thing I failed to take care of was my emotional and mental state of mind. Then again who considers meditating and becoming one with their mind, body, and soul at the age of fifteen. Definitely not a young teenager in the East side of Brooklyn New York.  My parents ended up taking me to the Emergency room and I was administered Tylenol and that was it. After all, the nurses figured it was just cramps since I was not sexually active. I thought I was dying from appendicitis or something major but it was just a lack of blood flow. Really? No. It was more than that.


I never experienced bad cramps, or major pain during my monthly cycle after that one time until I was nineteen years old. At this time I was living on my own in Inglewood CA, I believed I was living a healthy life. I didn’t own a car at the time so I walked about three miles to work after school each day and caught the bus home in the evening. One evening after work I had to do a light jog to catch the bus before I missed it to get home. Right when I got to the turn of the corner I felt the sharpest pain I ever experienced in my lower abdomen. The pain was so unbearable it nearly brought me to my knees. I compare the pain I felt to what I believe a gun shot wound would feel like. The pain was on my right side of my uterus and all I could think of is, something is not right in my reproductive organs and here I was again mad at my body for not understanding why it would betray me when I was not sexually active and led what I believed to be an active life style. At that time I was a full time student at West Los Angeles College and a part time basketball coach at Marina Del Rey Middle school. What could I have been doing wrong for my body to react in such a way. I wasn’t even able to sit down in the bus because of the pain and as a fixer upper I arrived home and tried to figure out exactly what was wrong with me and fix it myself. That was the worse idea I ever had.

I began to correlate this pain to being constipated and or full of gas so I bared the horrendous pain and started doing sit ups, that was too unbearable so I began doing crunches, that didn’t work either! I placed myself in a child pose to stretch my abdomen in hopes to relieve the pain and it only became worse. The landlady in which I rented a room from was so worried about me that she called the ambulance and I was rushed to the emergency room. After almost 6 hours of testing, questioning and traumatizing analysis such as, an enema and vaginal sonogram; the doctors had finally came up with a diagnosis. It was emotionally hard for me to not have any family or friends around during this moment in my life which made it harder for me to mentally stay strong when I believed my body was giving up on me. The doctor came in and suddenly told me that I had had an Ovarian Cyst that had erupted and that I should take it easy, stay in bed for a few days, take these medications and have a good night. Needless to say I was on bed rest for almost a whole month before I was able to fully walk without pain and even attempt to exercise again. I couldn’t understand what happen to me and given from the information provided to me from the doctor I had no choice but to self educate about my experience.

I began to become obsessed with my ovaries and the nature of them, how exactly they worked and what could hinder their productivity. I later realized the components that could have caused me to produce an ovarian cyst during my ovulation time instead of my ovary releasing and egg. Having the crazy school and work schedule that I had. I was cooking organic food and eating right however I drank a lot of bottled water. All the water I drank came from a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles contain chemicals from production that can seep out if the bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for a long time. Most of these chemicals are disruptive to our endocrine system, a.k.a reproductive system. I was also always on the go which meant all my food was stored, heated and eaten from plastic containers and warmed in a MICROWAVE also known as the Nutrient Killer. Looking back now at all the wrong things I was doing in the case of preparing and eating home cooked meals I also made a shocking discovery about how eating meat even organic meat or animal products all together could have affected my hormone levels.

It wasn’t until a year later that I experienced the similar kind of pain again but not as bad, when I lived in North Carolina and actually had a loved one with me whom took me to the emergency room. This time around I was healthy again, my version of healthy. I exercised regularly, my body was fit, my emotional and mental status was great. I had a great love in my life and was working towards goals I had put in place for my success but my diet was at an all time low. The food that I was in taking was trash. I was great full for the experience this time around because when the doctors at this hospital in North Carolina gave me a vaginal sonogram they where able to tell me that I had a genetic disposition that is common in 1 in 5 women. I had a Retro flexed uterus. Picture Below: This meant that this predisposition also takes part in why my hormones are easily unbalanced if not nurtured in the proper way. I began to take note of the fact that I could never change this about my beautiful body and it was going to take me changing my life completely in order to conquer and adjust to the way the most high has created my body.


It has taken me the course of five years to somewhat understand the way my body functions and I am still learning more and more each day because I am becoming more in tuned with my body and what it needs from me. I noticed that every time I suffered painful episodes with my ovaries during ovulation my body wasn’t completely healthy as I believed it to be. Every time I experienced pain during that time I had to analyze every aspect of my life and identify what was missing or what might have been hindering me physically, emotionally, mentally or metaphysically. This whole time my body just wanted me to listen to it say, “Take care of me as a whole.” Living such a crazy, fast paced, unstable life within the last 5 years has led me to understand now how important it is to not only eat healthy, exercise daily but also meditate daily and connect with my mind and soul so that I won’t cause my body to become silently depressed or stressed out and effect my hormones. If I ignore the peace keeping properties in me that would mean that I get stressed, then depressed, then my body consistently sends the flight or flight messages to my brain and my beautiful ovaries are incapable of releasing a perfectly healthy egg during ovulation; instead they will create cysts full of fluid that could cause irritation to my abdomen like the first time around.

I have always kept tract of my period and my ovulation even before I became sexually active. I am a bit of a know it all and if its my body and I live in it, I should want to know everything I can about it. I do wish I knew then what I know now about taking care of myself in a holistic way. When I was younger I didn’t exactly understand the importance of managing stress or meditating in order to manage the stress I  may be experience that I can’t see externally. Every time I experienced issues with my ovaries I summed up the fact that I was either putting toxins in my body through the food I ate or water I drank or I was internally stressed out because I was depressed when I didn’t have loved ones around or when life became overwhelming for me without me noticing.

The miss education of any young lady today is that females can experience ovarian cyst at as young as 12 years old. We should begin to educate our young ladies about the beauty in their cycle and their reproductive organs and system as a whole so they know how to nurture them without having to experience what I experience so long.

I credit the many educators, doctors, metaphysicians, mentors, etc. I have learned from for helping guide my education about myself and my body in order to nurture it to healthier state day by day.

Alisa Vitti – HHC & Author of “The Woman Code” Founder & CEO of

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra – Master Herbalist, Health researcher, Metaphysician & spiritual counselor.

Nubia I. – The Raw Food Goddess, The Womb Priestess and The Holistic Practitioner.

Doctah B Sirius – Leading mind, body and spirit medicine man, certified doctor of metaphysics, master herbalist, natural remedy and a vibrational healing pioneer, vibrational healer, and wellness educator.

I now have changed my life in so many ways to more healthy in a way that suits my body and the way it was made. I am now Vegan. I eat no animal products because I want nothing to do with animal hormones floating around in my body, disrupting my system. My body has its own hormones it needs to work with therefore another animal’s hormones is not welcomed in me. Thank you but no thank you. I have also refrained from using plastic containers or bottles if I can help it so that I will prevent the ingestion of chemicals from plastic. Most importantly! I meditate! I take a few times through out my day to talk to myself. Yes it sounds funny but it helps. I mentally find a happy place in my mind, that which is usually a beach with the sun shining. I check in with myself and acknowledge my body and how it is functioning that day. I also analyze whether my body is tired, bored, sleepy, breathing deeply. I make sure I am okay and then check on my emotions as well. I ask myself if anything is bothering me, do I miss anyone, Am I sad, happy? I have grown to become a more peaceful person because of these small habits I have instilled in my everyday and once your mind and spirit is at peace your body is at its highest vibration and can function properly. I hope you all can join me in become one with self and transition back to health.


FullSizeRenderYasmintheresa Garcia is a Mentor and Dietetic Supervisor Intern who is also certifying to become a Birth Doula and Emergency Medical Technician. She hopes to become a wholistic practitioner in the near future.

3 thoughts on “The Miss-Education of a Young Lady’s Body

  1. It is beautiful to read on a yong woman’s journey to discovering womanhood. Thank you for sharing and inviting us to partake on one of the biggest adventures in life…being a woman. Love you sissy

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