Easy Healthy Recipe for Kids

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Your food is boring!  As we get bogged down with life and bills and our responsibilities we forget that kids are new to almost everything and it’s our job to introduce healthy foods in a fun and exciting way.

Here is my no bake acronym recipe for you:

PLAY with your food!


Play with your food!  If it’s not fun, kids won’t like it.

Put some olives or raspberries on your fingertips and teach them how to do the same.


As adults we don’t laugh enough. Look at what you’re serving the kids.  We don’t have to be Picasso to make it funny.

Make a funny face with the mustard on a healthy plant based sandwich and you’re already there.

Use cookie cutters to make funny shapes.



Arrange their food in a fun way.  Again, we don’t have to be a food stylist to make this fun.

Take a look at Pinterest for ideas (search “Healthy Kid Recipe” and “Bento Box Kid Lunch”.)  We can arrange fruit to look like faces, cartoon characters and more.

For new foods, present smorgasbord style and let kids see and touch the foods first.  Create a little fruit bar using your colorful unbreakable containers.

For fussy eaters, don’t mix new foods together, not even simple ones.  Let them explore and try things out first.


It has to be yummy.

It can be simply yummy.  This is not a chef competition.

Avoid anything spicy.

Avoid any herbs at first.  Later you can try to add them.


We would love to see your creations.

Bon Appetit!

Michele the trainer

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