Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Gym Hygiene

Grumpy facial expression Exotic tortoiseshell cat

Let’s pretend we gave Grumpy Cat a gym membership.

Grumpy Cat doesn’t want to go to the gym, doesn’t care if you go to the gym, and doesn’t enjoy being at the gym. Grumpy Cat would rather sleep all day in a sunny window. But you spent the money and now you’ve committed Grumpy Cat to show up at the local gym. He will go, but he will be Grumpy and let me tell you why.

Grumpy Cat spends a lot of time cleaning himself and wants to see you washing your hands more often too.

Cleaning hands is essential and your first line of defense against antibiotic resistant infections such as staph infection and MRSA

Grumpy Cat will be happier if everyone leaves the gym healthier than when they arrived. Grumpy Cat gets super Grumpy if he gets sick or gets some weird rash from the gym.

Grumpy Cat loves this hilarious true tale about the day some of us found a dead mouse at the gym in the weight pile. Meow!

Here are some tips from Grumpy Cat on Gym Hygiene. Grumpy Cat does not want you to depend on the gym to have the essentials you need to protect yourself from surface germs.

Wash your hands.

You already read the link, but Grumpy Cat wants to repeat hand washing. Also, wash your hands before you leave the gym every time.

Bring your own hand sanitizer.

Buy a small bottle of hand sanitizer and keep it in your gym bag. They are small and easy to tote. Some of them even attach to the outside of your bag. You can find a medical looking one, or a cute blingy one. Like the Honeybadger, Grumpy Cat don’t care, just get one and bring it.

Bring your own face towel.

Your gym might have towels but you don’t want to touch your face with them. Trust Grumpy Cat on this one. Yes even at the nicest gyms.

Wipe down your cardio machine before and after.

Wiping down your machine is easier said than done. A cardio machine such as a bike or treadmill are LARGE and the wipes you get at the gym, if any, are ridiculously tiny like little tickets.  Pull enough of those wipes to do the job, and wipe down your machine before use. If your gym doesn’t have wipes, you will have to bring your own disinfectant wipes. Just toss that into your gym bag too.

Yoga Mats

Bring your own yoga mat, towels and blankets for yoga. Machine wash all your cloth items between classes. You can wipe down or wash your yoga mat (you can use the garden hose for this) often.

Any Cloth Item

If you use any cloth item at the gym, such as a yoga bolster, try to really mummify it (wrap/cover it) in clean towels. Grumpy Cat recommends bringing your own cloth equipment to your classes. You can bring your equipment such as this in a small rolling suitcase if need be.

Shower Shoes

If you shower at the gym, make sure you bring and use your shower shoes to avoid foot fungus.


If you shower at the gym bringing your own robe and/or towels is best practice.

Grumpy Cat says that if you find any skin itch, rash or irritation see a doctor.

Grumpy Cat knew a girl who worked at the gym spa. Spa Girl went to the dentist one day. The dentist found a sore in her mouth. The dentist sent her to see an ear/nose/throat doctor. That other doctor diagnosed Spa Girl with a staph infection that traveled from her nose to her mouth and told her that she probably got it from wiping sweat from her nose in a gym cycling class. Grumpy Cat had to wait a long time for his friend Spa Girl to recover from that infection.

Be Happy!

Grumpy Cat wants you to remember that a lot of people use the gym and of course steer clear of those that are coughing, sneezing openly.

Live to workout another day. Take some time to take some precautions and you won’t have to be grumpy at all!

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7 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Gym Hygiene

  1. Very creative piece and engaging using the Grumpy Cat! Love it. This caught my eye too since my blog is mainly based around fitness and health 🙂

  2. Going through periods of getting a constant barrage of common colds I wondered if I was working out too much that it was lowering my immune system. But then I realised that I touch so much equipment that I must be picking up all sorts of diseases. Therefore I fully support everyone in the gym carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer.

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