Stop Burning Sugar, Start Burning Fat

A great post by Ray Edward. Definitely worth your time.


A great article that explains why we workout but don’t lose any inches. The article explains why you could be working out just to burn the sugar and other sources of energy but not real fat.

by Shaun Hadsall

Did you know that the years of eating processed foods, lack of exercise, and normal eating patterns have literally PROGRAMMED your body to burn NOTHING but calories and sugars from the foods you consume everyday…
…INSTEAD of burning off your ugly body fat?

In fact, today’s exercise programs take way too much time and use old-school methods that cause you to crave more food and calories – especially calories from sugar – FORCING your body to burn sugars and waste away nothing but stored energy.

This means that EVERY time you eat and exercise your body is busy fighting a losing battle.

BUT – what if there was a way to…

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2 thoughts on “Stop Burning Sugar, Start Burning Fat

  1. “Stop burning sugar”, it’s one of my posts that I enjoyed researching and writing. I’m glad to see other like it too. I’ll be following your posts in the future. I like to read what like-minded people write. I’m glad I found your site.

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